Review of Jimmy Eat World's NYC Show

Jimmy Eat World playing Clarity in NYC.
Jimmy Eat World playing Clarity in NYC.
Ashley Harris

We should probably just declare this Jimmy Eat World Week at New Times. We've got an essay about Clarity running in Thursday's paper, along with my column on the 10 best emo songs of all time. On Up on the Sun, we've got a series of posts about Clarity's impact running every day up to Saturday's show at the Marquee, thanks to our man Steve Chilton.

So, what the hell, here's one more post on J.E.W., courtesy of So Much Silence, which ran a review of the band's NYC Clarity X 10 Tour last week. The review is by a contributor named Ashley Harris (that's her photo above, too), a former Arizonan now living in the Big Apple, and comes with a set list. The first 13 songs do not come as a surprise, of course.

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