Rick Springfield @ Talking Stick Resort

Rick Springfield isn't just a Grammy-winning singer-songwriter and the guy who played Dr. Noah Drake on General Hospital — he's also a miracle of preservation rivaling that amber-encased mosquito in Jurassic Park. Now 61 years old, Springfield still has the hair, the looks, and the fit matinee-idol physique of the '80s icon who shot to the top of the charts with "Jessie's Girl," thereby affording half-naked San Fernando Valley coke dealers the means to amuse their houseguests while zoned-out Asian love-slaves light firecrackers in the living room. (What? You honestly expected us to forgo the obligatory Boogie Nights reference? Think again.) Still, Springfield has more going for him than "Jessie's Girl" and his eerie youthfulness. He's got that massive backlog of hits, like, um, "Don't Talk to Strangers" and, uh, whatever. It amuses us simply to think of all the DNA remnants that scientists would find in Springfield's blood if they did the "Jurassic Park" treatment on him. Some Olivia Newton-John, probably. Some Linda Blair, definitely. And probably some Jessie. That's what you get for chasing OPP.


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