Rise Against, & Rancid

As a well-adjusted 28-year-old man, I'm not really the kind of guy who listens to Rise Against. Luckily, my little brother is. You know the type: Well into his 20s, he still holds grudges against his kinfolk for not being nice enough to him while he was growing up, so he finds use in angry punk bands populated with straight-edge vegans who write songs called "The Dirt Whispered" and use their music videos to protest rodeos and deforestation. So, when I asked him to recall a memory of his seeing Rise Against in 2005, I learned the following: "Rise Against will be shouting from the mountaintop to a sea of black T's and metal chains." Sounds pretty good, right? Well, it turns out that the show also had an abundance of Suicide Girls sporting tight black tank tops. "These girls were total jailbait but really hot," he said, though he couldn't remember much more, and had to run to work. So I guess that's what you're in for at Rise Against's show with Rancid, whom, sadly, my brother doesn't listen to. Though he'd already given me plenty of material with which to write a preview, he insisted I call "Rooster," who works with him at Chipotle and is a huge Rancid fan. Thanks, but no thanks.


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