Road Rage Tour

Roadrunner Records is celebrating its 25th anniversary by sending some of its favorite baby bands all over the country. In previous years, the tour had acts like Chimaira and Machine Head, but this year's lineup is the most diverse so far, with both metal and hardcore bands. Deserving special attention is Trivium, a group of barely legal metal men -- the youngest is 18, the oldest 22. They released their Roadrunner debut on March 15 and have already toured with math-metal gods Dillinger Escape Plan. Lucky bastards. Also worth noting is 3 Inches of Blood, whose album Advance and Vanquish is pure Viking metal. Any band that sings about Vikings and pirates -- and whose members look like pirates -- deserves attention. Seriously, no band has looked this metal since 1982. Hopefully, the Big Fish Pub can contain all this metal-ness.


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