Rob Zombie

In reviewing last year's The Devil's Rejects -- the incredibly twisted gore flick written and directed by horror/metal renaissance man Rob Zombie -- critic Roger Ebert ended his piece thusly: "I don't want to get any e-mail messages from readers complaining that I gave the movie three stars, and so they went to it expecting to have a good time, and it was the sickest and most disgusting movie they've ever seen." Likewise, we're here to tell you that the just-turned-40 Zombie, who, since losing the dreads, kinda looks like that Nickelback dude, can definitely put on a fun show, packed with B-movie schlockiness (depraved clips on the video screen, campy samples, various monsters patrolling the stage, etc.) and the sounds of go-go industrial-metal splatter. He'll be playing lots of material from his new, so-so disc, Educated Horses, and all of White Zombie's biggest hits -- some of which indubitably kick ass (that riff from "Thunder Kiss '65" still holds up pretty well). Some of you will go and have a great time, others of you will think it sucked. But please, no e-mails.


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