Rodrigo y Gabriela @ Mesa Arts Center

Rodrigo y Gabriela are known for taking plenty of extra guitars with them on tour, and for good reason: The force with which they play the instruments usually leads them to a grisly end. The duo tends to wield their guitars as though the only thing standing between the virtuoso musicians and the end of the world is their ability to get through their songs in their inimitable style. The two originally came together through their love of metal and a shared frustration with the music scene in their hometown of Mexico City. From there, they performed as buskers across Europe before settling in Dublin, where they gained a local following. One easy way of imagining how their acoustic guitars sound: They're well known for their elaborate, acoustic covers of and tributes to metal songs. Rodrigo plays lead and Gabriela plays rhythm guitar and percussion simultaneously, in a way most people have never seen any guitarist play.


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