Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers

For most longtime Phoenix-area residents, it's not a matter of if you've seen Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, it's how many times you've seen them. You might have even seen them by accident, playing an event like the opening of the light rail system in December 2008. Or you might have seen them at one of their famous, twice-yearly "Circus Mexicus" shows in Rocky Point. Compared to such gigs, two headlining shows at the Marquee Theatre might sound disappointingly conventional. Yet it's truly a hometown show for Clyne, who graduated from Tempe's McClintock High. And in an era when eschewing record labels and traditional means of distribution is hip, it's simply what the Peacemakers have done all along — just last year they released an online-only live album, Glow in the Dark. They've built an impressive cult fanbase without support from radio or other conventional outlets — though Clyne's work in his previous band, The Refreshments, hasn't hurt, given that "Banditos" and "Down Together" still get played on '90s flashback weekends, and King of the Hill, for which they composed the theme song, seems to be on TV 24 hours a day.


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