Rogue Wave

Sub Pop's 2004 proper release of Rogue Wave's Out of the Shadow (originally a limited release on Responsive Recordings in 2003) was one of the quieter ones of the year -- strangely quiet, because it seemed destined to be a huge success. The delicate pop featured was both heartfelt and shared a certain sensibility with that band that Natalie Portman said would "change your life" in Garden State. In other words, it seemed like a record Sub Pop could take straight to the bank. This fall will bring us a new Rogue Wave record, and the band is touring this summer with the new material. It should be interesting to see how the music differs from Shadow, which was recorded mostly as a solo record by Zach Rogue. The current lineup has been together for a couple years now, and the influences of Zach's three bandmates are bound to have affected the direction of the music. Hopefully the best elements will be intact: subtle harmonies, swelling melodies and classic hooks. If so, maybe the upcoming record, Descended Like Vultures, will actually get the props that Shadow so deserved.


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