Rogue Wave

If you're toiling in a 9-to-5 job, telling yourself that one of these days your musical genius will be discovered, lemme tell you about Zach Schwartz. After years stuck in nowhere bands, Schwartz got canned from yet another job and decided, "Okay, that's it." Finally resolving to treat his music like a full-time occupation, he changed his last name to Rogue and furiously recorded a series of songs on his own, which would form the blueprint for his reflective breakthrough Out of the Shadow. Flattering comparisons to The Shins and Simon & Garfunkel soon followed, and a career was born. More a full band record than its DIY predecessor, the new Descended Like Vultures impressively retains Rogue's zigzaggy way with melody lines while sounding larger, louder and more confident. So, as you can see, it's a pretty inspiring story for all you other wanna-bes -- or one more reason to slit your wrists.


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