S*PUNK, oOoOO, and Ravi Coltrane Over the Weekend

Melissa Fossum
Melissa Fossum

S*PUNK: A Sadisco SExperience @ Chaser's

The party monsters of local DJ collective Sadisco* aren't shy about their utter devotion to industrial music. They're slaves to the cacophonous grind of relentless electronically driven mayhem, brutal guitar hooks, and dystopian lyrics about dark lords and demons that only bands like Nachtmahr, Unter Null, and Fractured Transmission can deliver. --Benjamin Leatherman

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Troy Farah

oOoOO @ Crescent Ballroom

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Self-described as Blondie with autism, oOoOO assembles a world run by his own rules. Whatever structures remain are quickly abandoned, reassembled and screwed back together so quick you can hardly keep up.

oOoOO is treacherous. One moment, he'll play bits and pieces of a popular dance tune, the next he'll flip a switch filled with the slowed down sounds of AOL 5.0 whenever you logged on. The minute you get comfortable swaying to a heavy hip-hop bass line or some light synths, it'll start skipping and break down completely. At one point, Lady Gaga was stripped of all her production and reduced to nothing but a grotesque drone. -- Troy Farah (Read more about oOoOO at Crescent Ballroom.)

S*PUNK, oOoOO, and Ravi Coltrane Over the Weekend
Melissa Fossum

Ravi Coltrane @ the Musical Instrument Museum

Despite the famous last name -- and the fact that he plays the same instrument as his father -- Ravi Coltrane, son of jazz icons John (sax) and Alice (piano), doesn't pretend to be anything more than just a saxophonist. He could claim rights of royalty or expect open doors, but such notions would only diminish the music he proudly produces. -- Glenn BurnSilver (Read the full interview with Ravi Coltrane.)

See the full Ravi Coltrane at the MIM slideshow.

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