Mess &* Phetamine
Mess &* Phetamine
Joi Carey

Sadisco* [Tank] @ Chasers

You won't see any furious fisticuffs taking place at Chasers this weekend when the industrial-loving freaks of Sadisco* invade the Scottsdale music venue. Ditto for any sort of cage-fighting shenanigans or Tyler Durden references. While the DJ collective and party crew has typically put on its annual Fight Club event around this time of the past three summers, they're planning a different sort of mayhem altogether for its Sadisco* [TANK] party on Friday, June 22.

Instead of body blows and bare-knuckle brawling, the military-themed affair will focus purely on a massive mix of industrial, darkwave, EBM, and noise. Described as "an end-of-days dance-a-thon for tank boys, girls, and queers," the event will be headlined by such industrial tastemakers as Canada's iVardensphere, SoCal's W.A.S.T.E. (self-described as "underground and raw as fuck!"), the UK's Electronic Substance Abuse, and San Diego's END: The DJ.

As always, the Sadisco* residents — including //she//, VeX, 5arah, and Blonde NOize — are scheduled to spin throughout the night, and Squalor's freaky-deaky DJ project Mess &* Phetamine will also perform.


Needle Exchange

The madness begins at 8 p.m. Admission is $13. Call 480-945-4985.


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