DJ Squalor of Sadisco*
DJ Squalor of Sadisco*

Sadisco* to Invade Sanctum Tonight, Kicking Off a Summer Full of Mayhem

Fans of ultra-bizarre DJ collective/party crew


have probably jonesing for fix of industrial music and mayhem lately. After all, it's been more than nine months since

Fight Club Sadisco*

, their most recent event, took place last June.

The drought, however, is about to come to an end.

The Sadisco* crew not only is making a appearance at tonight's edition of Fallout.Shelter at Sanctum, it's gearing up for two brutal events during the upcoming summer.

The weekly Wednesday-night industrial/EBM session overseen by Self.Destrukt and Defense.Mekanizm -- which starts at 9:30 p.m. -- will be invaded by all five of the Sadisco* residents, including Squalor, 5arah, ///she///, and $&M. Each will team up for a variety of DJ duo sets all night.

Squalor, by the way, has certainly been busy between Sadisco* events. The dreadlocked dude's not only been collaborating on music with Los Angeles-based industrial band Hex|RX -- including producing the twisted video for "Serial Hex Addict" below -- but has also performed around town as a member of the equally perverse side project Mess &* Phetamine (where he and another DJ/producer spin chaotic music while sporting football pads and manties).

Expect Squalor to spin tracks from both Hex|RX and Mess &* Phetamine during tomorrow night's special appearance by Sadisco* at Sanctum, which is guaranteed to wet the appetites of fans for what the crew has on the horizon this summer.

On June 22, the collective will present Sadisco* [TANK] at Chasers in Scottsdale. Like any of its signature themed dance parties (which used to transpire monthly until switching to a once-yearly status in 2009) it will feature several big-name industrial bands, and [TANK] will be no different.

The party has been dubbed "an end-of-days dance-a-thon for tank boys, girls and queers," and the headliners include industrial tastemakers like Canada's iVardensphere, SoCal's W.A.S.T.E. (self-described as "underground and raw as fuck!"), the UK's Electronic Substance Abuse, and San Diego's END: The DJ. As always, the Sadisco* residents will spin.

A little over a month later, the collective is bringing in Wisconsin-based industrial producer Caustic and San Francisco trio Everything Goes Cold for a special concert entitled S*PUNK! [a Sadisco* sExperience] that will also take place at Chaser's. Although we aren't certain whether this is considered to be another signature Sadisco* dance party, it will probably be just as frenzied and fun as any other event the collective has put on.

Regardless, it's going to a busy couple of months for Squalor and company.

"This summer is trying to kill me!" he posted on his Facebook page Tuesday night. "Summer starts tomorrow I guess."

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