Satan's Diesel Dicked 666* Circus

Change is in the air for the monthly freakfests held by Sadisco*, as the cadre of dance-music demons are switching things over to a biannual format after this weekend. (Don't fret, party monsters, the dope DJ collective will still be presenting the annual Fight Club Sadisco* in January.) But before Squalor and his crew bid adieu to putting on parties 12 times a year, they've pulled out all the stops for Satan's Diesel Dicked 666* Circus, an outrageous extravaganza on Halloween night (natch) at Chasers, 8005 East Roosevelt Street in Scottsdale. All six members will be blasting out darkwave and other hard sounds for your thrashing pleasure, while industrial acts Combichrist, EMP, and HexRx will perform inside the bar, backed up by a slew of surreal sideshow entertainment. Gates open at 6 p.m. and admission is $26.66. See


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