Scott H. Biram @ Martini Ranch

Austin's location means there's considerable twang in its rock, and it's close enough to the Mississippi Delta that there's plenty of blues in its roll. And like most things Texan, fiery one-man band Scott H. Biram engages in good-natured self-aggrandizement and self-mythologizing — he's maybe joking around a bit, but if you wanna buy into it, then he's up for that, too. The gritty stomp of his tunes recalls classic country blues and weirder fringe stuff, like Hasil Adkins. His eighth and newest album, Bad Ingredients, released last fall, is the most varied of his career and one of the best, dipping into smokehouse R&B and psychedelic rock. It is very Texas, and even more Austin. Fresh off his own headlining tour of the South, Biram's out West opening for G Love & Special Sauce. "Some people may say that pairing G Love and myself is a little strange, but the idea is that I will be playing in front of a lot more people every night, and most of which will have never seen me before," says Biram. "I'm guessing most of G Love's fans have not heard of me before, so this will be a great way to get more exposure and turn some new people on to the gospel of the First Church of the Ultimate Fanaticism."


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