Scott Kelly @ The Rhythm Room

People — maybe not the kind you want to associate with, but people nonetheless — will pay good money to be peed and shit upon, because, for them, it's all about the way humiliation makes them feel, I dunno, giddy. On the other side of the uncomfortable spectrum, you have people who come alive with pleasure listening to music that makes their skin crawl. No, I'm not talking about Nickelback. I'm talking actual creepy music, the kind that Neurosis and Shrinebuilder founder Scott Kelly makes in his demonic acoustic side project Blood and Time. Don't believe me that these unsettling paeans to blood, Beelzebub, and burning skies are actually making someone's day? On Blood and Time's MySpace playlist, there are a few droning numbers (think Nick Cave on a rough afternoon) averaging less than 100 plays. But these are Carnival cruises compared to the chilling "I Am," in which, against a wail of unsettling synths, Kelly mumbles, "I am in Satan's all-perfect love." That song has 250,000 plays. Rhythm Room patrons expecting music to be played at Neurosis' volume be forewarned — Kelly will stop the show to berate loud and chatty audience members.


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