Scott Weiland Lip-Synching? Stone Temple Pilots Singer Falls Off Stage Without Missing a Note

Normally a story/video about Stone Temple Pilots' singer and noted crackhead Scott Weiland falling off stage wouldn't grab my attention.

That's not true: Watching him stumble off stage into the camera pit is a little scary but a lot funny. That's not what grabbed me here, though. It really, really appears Weiland is pulling a Milli Vanilli.

Scroll to 1:25 in the above video to watch the fall and/or read this account from some chick way too old to have that nosering.

(Actually, an aside: Let's update that reference: From now on let's call obvious lip-syncing "pulling a Tokio Hotel," which is like pulling a Milli Vanilli but without the Grammy.)

Anyway, STP is scheduled to headline Arizona Fall Frenzy on Friday, September 17 so we'll all have a chance to get a better look very soon.

I  think the evidence is pretty damning, however.

First, does anyone believe that a megaphone gives the echo effect depicted in this clip? Like, can you just hold up a megaphone in front of a microphone and that comes out? I'm skeptical.

Second, can Scott Weiland really plunge headlong off what appears to be a six-foot stage, land and not miss a note? Sure, he's taken his fair share of spills, but I sincerely doubt it.

Looks like someone's pulling a Tokio Hotel!


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