Sea Wolf @ The Rhythm Room

Not to be confused with Wolf Parade, AIDS Wolf, Wolfmother, Patrick Wolf, Wolf Eyes, Peanut Butter Wolf, Steppenwolf, Howlin' Wolf, and the approximately 13,947 other "wolf" bands, Sea Wolf is the nom de indie folk of Los Angeles singer-guitarist Alex Brown Church. It may also be the least "wolf-like" of the aforementioned — at least on the surface, where you'll find gentle, warm, and rootsy melodies sometimes delivered by just an acoustic guitar and other times fleshed out with strings, horns, and country-twang six-strings, in full orchestral-pop splendor. Yet lurking below those lovely and inviting sounds is the bloody bite of heartbreak, loneliness, and a fractured psyche. Comparisons to Iron & Wine's Sam Beam aren't far off the mark, musically and otherwise — Church typically crafts all his songs by himself but employs a full band to bring them to life when he's on the road. Now, however, he comes to town on the first-ever Sea Wolf solo acoustic tour. Church will play songs from all three of his releases, including last year's phenomenal White Water, White Bloom, and likely will unveil some brand-new material destined for the next album. The very thought of which should make you, uh, hungry like the wolf (sorry) for this show.


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