Sebadoh @ Rhythm Room

Chances are, if you worked at a record store during the '90s (remember those places you used to be able to sell your used CDs for actual cash money?) you probably had a discussion with a fellow music geek about which Lou Barlow band was better: Dinosaur Jr. or Sebadoh. It wasn't uncommon for these debates to occur back before the Internet existed. What else were you going to do besides debate whether Melrose Place or Beverly Hills 90210 was a better show? These types of arguments are silly and really a matter of preference. (Also, everyone knows it was Beverly Hills 90210.) In the case of Dinosaur Jr. versus Sebadoh, regardless of which side of the fence you fell on, it's hard to deny that both groups were important in helping shape the alt-rock scene of the '90s. But just in case you're Team Sebadoh, you'll probably be pleased to know that the band will be releasing expanded reissues of their 1994 album Bakesale in April and 1996's Harmacy later this year. With Barlow recently finishing up a solo tour of his own, and Dinosaur Jr. on hiatus for J. Mascis to pursue his solo projects, Sebadoh will be embarking on a short West Coast tour in support of the reissues. Barlow will team up with longtime band member Jason Lowenstein and Fiery Furnaces drummer Bod D'Amico for the tour.


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