Seven Nights of DJs and Dancing


Axis/Radius: Valentine's Day Lingerie Ball with DJ MCB (Top 40, rock, mash-ups)

Bunkhouse: DJ Doom (dance)

Club Red: The Blunt Club with Busdriver, Pickster Uno, DJ Element, Emerg McVay, & more (hip-hop)

Copper State Tavern: Southwest Rapstock with DJ Kavi, & guests (hip-hop)

Margarita Rocks: DJ Mr. Eaton (Top 40)


ACME: DJ Design (rock, electro, Top 40, mash-ups)

Homme: Party Foul! Fridays with Kevin the Makeout Bandit, Bigie, Epidemic, BC/AD, Craig Citizen, & more (retro, remixes, club-bangers, house, hip-hop)

Hurricane Bay: DJ Greggy D. (dance)

Jackrabbit: DJ Tranzl8r (Top 40, rock, house, mash-ups)

Jilly's: Casual Fridays (hip-hop, R&B)

Martini Ranch: Juicy Ladies Night with DJ Michael (Top 40, rock, hip-hop)

Matador: Caliente Chica Fridays (reggaeton, hip-hop, old school, cumbia)

Mulligan's Brick Bar: Faded Fridays with DJ Role Model (Top 40, rock, hip-hop)

Myst: Blackout! Glow Party with Starkillers, & DJ Tranzit (house)

Palazzo: Tranzylvania (industrial)

Perihelion Arts: D-JR (hip-hop, rock, old school, Top 40)

Portland's: DeRailed with DJ Anthony Hart (contemporary beats)

Q-Lounge: DJ Devine (hip-hop, Top 40)

Renee's: Club Night with DJ Johnny Lowrider (old school, hip-hop, Latin)

Whip Lounge: Re:Fuel Fridays with DJ Breez (rock, Top 40)


ACME: DJ Johnny Knuckles (mash-ups, Top 40, '80s)

AZ 88: DJ Brazilia (house, super-soul, '90s hip-hop, disco)

Baja Tilly's: DJ Adrian (old school, R&B, cumbia)

Bar Smith: Solstice Saturdays with DJs Pete "Supermix" Salaz, Senbad (house), Benjamin Cutswell, & guests (hip-hop)

Bobby C's: DJ V. Money (old school, R&B)

Cash Inn: DJ Rebecca (dance, country)

Charlie's: Afterhours with DJ Bryan (country, Top 40, dance)

Cherry Lounge: DJ Sonny, & DJ Steel (Top 40, rock)

Club Red: Best Friends Forever with Blake Miller, Daze of Thunder, Gloryhole, Death to the Throne, BC/AD, Ghouliez, Craig Citizen, Boom Kids, Repeat Repeat, Jared Alan, Pickster Uno, Kris the Fist, & Kid Turnswell (various)

Coach & Willie's: DJs

 AL3, Nerd, & Big Latin (reggaeton, cumbia, hip-hop)

Crown Room: DJ Knick Knack (Top 40, hip-hop, rock)

Devil's Martini: DJ Kilo (Top 40, dance)

Dos Gringos (Scottsdale): DJ Rolemodel (Top 40, rock)

Draft House: DJ DBX (hip-hop, funk, soul)

Hidden House: The Shop with DJ Al Page, DJ Noah Wylie, & guests (underground hip-hop)

Jackrabbit: DJ Tranzl8r (Top 40, rock, house, mash-ups)

Karamba: Kaliente Saturdays with DJ Tranzo (Latin Top 40, salsa, merengue, cumbia, pop en español, reggaeton), & DJ Melo (high-energy Latin house)

The Library: DJ Aaron Taylor (Top 40)

Maria Maria: Manteca! Mambo Nights with DJ Seduce (Latin jazz, salsa, mambo, cha-cha, Brazilian beat, samba, world beats)

Martini Ranch: DJ Randy (Top 40, rock, hip-hop)

Nine|05: ¡GHETTOUT! with Corey Croft, & Iowatest ('80s, indie, electro)

O2 Lounge: DJ MK (various)

Phase 54: DJ Korrekt (Top 40, rock, hip-hop)

Pussycat Lounge: DJ J. Alan (Top 40, hip-hop, mash-ups, house)

Rogue Bar: Shake! with William Fucking Reed, DJ Funkfinger, Ashley Nicole, & guests (indie, Britpop, dance rock)

Sky Lounge: Latin Saturday Night with DJ Kyko, & DJ Daffy (hip-hop, reggaeton, cumbia)

zGirl Club: DJ Domenica (hip-hop, Top 40)


Charlie's: Afterhours with DJ Urban (country, Top 40, dance)

Dos Gringos (Scottsdale): DJ Tranzl8r (Top 40, rock)

Karamba: Kaliente Sundays with DJ Miguel (Top 40, salsa, merengue, cumbia, pop en español, reggaeton)

Martini Ranch: DJ Gable, & Kevin Dow (Top 40, rock, hip-hop)


Chez Nous: DJ Juke Joint Jimmy (swank '60s sounds)

Crown Room: DJ Tranzl8r (Top 40, hip-hop, house, rock)

Hidden House: Foreign Affair with DJ Delikacy, & Xtra-E (downtempo beats)

Rose & Crown Pub: 1... 2... 3... 4!!! with DJ LaRue, & Jason Plinko (punk, ska)

Zuma: Toxic Mondays with DJ

 Circle (Top 40, hip-hop)


Crabby Don's: Underground Tuesdays with Blue Collar Prophet (various)

Crown Room: DJ Kevin Brown (house)

Hollywood Alley: Dub Steppa 3000 with DJ JahMek (dubstep)

Homme: Electrostatic with DJ Joshie, DJ Benni Beatnik, & guests (electro, hard house, club bangers)

Q-Lounge: DJ Devine (hip-hop, Top 40)

Rogue Bar: Trash Tuesdays with DJs Heffron, & Whiskey Tango (various)

Rogue West: The Nightmare with DJ Eric (doom metal, stoner rock, thrash)

Stray Cat: GALLERY BLU re:DEF with DJs Reflekshin, Emgee, & guests (hip-hop)

Whip Lounge: Tapout Tuesdays with DJ ES, & DJ Byrd (various)

zGirl Club: DJ Red (hip-hop, Top 40, dance)


Cream Stereo Lounge: Dave Dresden, DJ Matty, Justin Michael, Turner & Heit, Chris Forsyth, & Discojunk (progressive house, techno, trance)

Homme: Resurrection Wednesdays (industrial, indie, goth, '80s, New Wave)

Lyte: Groove Candy with DJ M2, & Karlie Hustle (hip-hop, old school)

Pussycat Lounge: Switch Wednesdays with DJ Tranzit, & guests (house)

Rogue Bar: TVTA Wednesday Night Dance Party (various)

SIX Lounge: La Femme Wednesdays with DJ J. Alan (hip-hop, Top 40, mash-ups)

Stray Cat: BANNED in Tempe with DJ Johnny Volume, & guests (punk, reggae)


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