Seven Nights of DJs and Dancing

Thursday 29
Ain't Nobody's Bizness: DJ Suzy (hip-hop, dance)

Anderson's Fifth Estate: Area 51 with AKA (gothic, industrial)

AZ 88: DJ P-Body (jazz fusion, funk)


Dance music

Dos Gringos -- Scottsdale: Block Party with DJ Sterling (all genres)

e&sup4;: "Eve" Ladies' Night in the Earth Room with DJ Tranzl8r (dance)

Hard Rock Cafe: Skandilis (Latin)

Hidden House: The Shop Redux (dance)

Hollywood Alley: Blunt Club with Emerg McVay, & Dumperfoo (hip-hop, breaks)

Karamba: Vaquero Thursdays with DJ Miguel (hip-hop, R&B, reggaeton)

The Loft: Lifted with DJs Tranzit, Soloman, & Groove (all genres)

M3: Candy with DJ Astonish (Top 40, hip-hop)

Marc's: DJ Victor (Top 40, hip-hop)

Martini Ranch: DJ Element (house, hip-hop)

McDuffy's -- Tempe: DJ Earth (Top 40, dance, hip pop)

Owl's Nest: Disco Inferno (disco)

Pat O's Bunkhouse: DJ Doom (dance)

Six: Summersoul (reggae, soul, funk, hip hop)

Suede: DJs Orlando & MCB (old school remixes)

Friday 30
Acme Bar & Grill: DJ Tranzl8r (hip-hop)

Acme Roadhouse: DJ Switch (house)

Anderson's Fifth Estate: Rock en Español with DJ Alberto (Latin)

Arizona Beach Club: Co Go Nuts with DJs Greggy D & Pete (dance)

Axis/Radius: Kashmeer (dance, hip-hop)

Buzz: Club Deez (Top 40, hip-hop)

Charlie's: Afterhours (high energy dance)

Club Atlas: Girls' Night Out (dance)

Club Blaze: DJs Smooth, Desert Dogg MC, Carlos, Ice, & guests (Top 40, Latin pop)

Club Dwntwn: DJs El Gatillero, Latin King, & more (salsa, bachata)

e&sup4;: "Evolve" with DJ Michael (dance, hip-hop)

Earl's Tin Palace: "" with DJ Senbad (uptempo dance)

Hidden House: Escape From Sun City (dance)

io: DJ John (Top 40, dance)

Jack's Place: House Party II with Mr. DJ Ray (house, hip-hop, Top 40)

Karamba: Hot Pink! with DJs Sleazy Sean & Colt (Britpop, disco punk)

Kitty's Cocktails: DJ Hollywood (dance)

The Loft: StraightNoChaser (jazz, funk, international)

M3: Extreme Fridays with DJ 40-L (hip-hop)

Marc's: DJ Victor (Top 40, hip-hop)

Mardi Gras: Deactivate (drum 'n' bass)

Martini Ranch: DJ J. Alan (hip-hop)

Myst: Beauty and the Beats (dance)

Next: "Flirt" with DJs Flava & M2 (hip-hop)

Palazzo: Tranzylvania (gothic, industrial, dark trance)

Philthy Phil's: DJ Philthy Phil's (all genres)

San Felipe's Cantina: Larry Mac (Top 40)

Scorch Bar: en masse DJs H.P. & Dan Fitak (all genres)

Sky Lounge: Roberto Dominguez & Leo Sanchez (salsa fusion)

Sporting House: Penny Nights with DJ Stixx in the Mix (cumbia, hip-hop, funk)

TNT Lounge: DJ Brenna (old school)

Saturday 1
Acme Bar & Grill: DJR (all genres)

Ain't Nobody's Bizness: DJ Suzy (Top 40, hip-hop)

Anderson's Fifth Estate: DJs Dan & Greg (classic alternative, '80s)

Arizona Beach Club: Club Kiss Live with DJ Chino, & more (dance)

Axis/Radius: DJs Swerve & Phantom (dance)

Barcelona: DJ Rob (dance)

Club Atlas: Guest DJs (dance)

Club Dwntwn: DJ Luis & Czr 3ro (Latin pop, salsa)

Draft House: DJ Dave outta NYC (hip-hop)

e&sup4;: "Element" with Kevin Brown & Tranzl8r (house, hip-hop, rock, mash-ups)

Earl's Tin Palace: DJ Memo (hits)

George & Dragon 2: Club Fullfilled -- party for full-figured ladies (dance)

Hidden House: The Shop with DJ Al (hip-hop, dance)

Hurricane Bay: DJ L-Ectric ('60s to today)

Karamba: Kaliente Saturdays with DJ Tranz (Latin pop, rock videos)

The Loft: Styllez with DJs Nappe, A.O.T.A. (hip-hop, drum 'n' bass)

Margarita Rocks: Late Nite Dance Party with DJ Steele (alternative rock, dance)

Martini Ranch: DJ Michael (house, hip-hop)

Myst: "Nitelife" with DJ J. Alan (dance)

Next: DJ Gable (Top 40)

Owl's Nest: DJ Slippe (Top 40, hip-hop)

Pattie's: DJ Pedro (dance)

The Rogue East: Shake! with William F#@kin' Reed (mod, glam, dance rock)

The Spot: DJ Foreplay (hip-hop)

Suede: DJ MCB (house)

Sugar Daddy's: DJ Devine (all genres)

TNT Lounge: DJ Brenna (Top 40)

Sunday 2
Ain't Nobody's Bizness: 18+ with DJ Tsunami (hip-hop)

AZ 88: "MENU" with DJ P-Body -- bring your iPod and be the DJ (request)

Dos Gringos -- Scottsdale: Sunday School with DJ Tranzl8tr (all genres)

e&sup4;: "Burned" in the Fire Room with Sean Morley (heavy mash-ups)

E-Lounge: She-Bop with guest lady DJs -- 18+ (dance)

Furio: Aria (eclectic)

Hidden House: Muck Fondays with DJs Trademark, Astonish (dance)

io: DJ John (Top 40, dance)

Karamba: Kaliente with DJs Tranz & Melo (salsa, merengue, dance)

M3: Seductive Sundays with DJ Astonish (hip-hop, Top 40)

McDuffy's -- Peoria: DJ Sean (Top 40, dance)

Sail Inn: Flavor Shop with DJs Roach, Hyder, & Organic (funk, neo-soul, boogaloo)

The Sets: DJ Daddy Rich (classic old school)

Six: Red with DJ Mikyl (upscale hip-hop)

Suede: Kick Back Sundays with DJs J. Alan & D Vine (dance)

Monday 3
Acme Roadhouse: DJs J. Alan & MCB (hip-hop, house)

Big Fish Pub: Boom Bap Room (hip-hop)

Earl's Tin Palace: Oasis with DJ Tranzl8r (hip-hop, '80s)

io: DJ John (Top 40, dance)

The Loft: Other.Ground with DJs Nasty Nate, Hyder, & Tricky T (hip-hop, drum 'n' bass)

Martini Ranch: DJ De Söl (hip-hop)

McDuffy's -- Tempe: S.I.N. (dance)

Simpleton's: Video DJ Dan Kinnard (dance)

Tuesday 4
Acme Bar & Grill: DJ Tranzl8r (hip-hop, Top 40)

Ain't Nobody's Bizness: DJ Suzy (all request)

Anderson's Fifth Estate: DJs Static & Larry Mac (Top 40)

e&sup4;: "Slave" in the Fire Room with Kevin Brown (erotic house)

Marc's: DJ Victor (Top 40, hip-hop)

Next: DJ Fashen (hip-hop)

Paper Heart: DJ Seduce's "P.A.I.N.T." (experimental, jazz fusion, funk)

Suede: Ultra (house)

Sugar Daddy's: DJ M2 (house)

Wednesday 5
Axis/Radius: Latin Night (Latin)

Arizona Beach Club: 18+ Barely Legal Beach Party (dance)

AZ 88: DJ P-Body (acid jazz)

Coyote Hill: DJ TuTu (all genres)

e&sup4;: "Wet" in the Liquid Room with DJ Soloman (dance)

Hurricane Bay: DJ Mark ('60s to today)

The Spot: DJ Foreplay (dance)

Suede: DJs JR & Circle (dance)


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