Seven Nights of DJs & Dancing


Bunkhouse: DJ Doom (dance)

Coach & Willie's: The Recession Sessions with DJ Borisimo, DJ Mecca, DJ Rockledg, DJ Soluna, & guests (funk, hip-hop)



Copper State Tavern: The Copper Club with DJ Kavi, & guests (hip-hop)

Jugheads: BANNED with DJ Johnny Volume, & DJ LaRue (punk, hardcore)

Margarita Rocks: DJ Mr. Eaton (Top 40)

Ruby Room: Phoenix Sol Party feat. Djentrification, & Johnny D (eclectic, rarities)

Tavern on Mill: DJ Nameless (Top 40, rock)

Zuma Grill: DJ Soloman (Top 40, rock)


Axis/Radius: AR Weekly (Top 40, rock)

Bar Smith: FUSE Fridays (house)

Club Rain: Crazy Sexy Cool (R&B, hip-hop)

Homme: Party Foul! Fridays with Kevin the Makeout Bandit, Bigie, BC/AD, Craig Citizen, Staccato, & more (electro)

Jilly's: Casual Fridays (hip-hop, R&B)

Mondrian: Pere Lachaise (various)

Myst: White Party with DJ40Ford, Freightrain, & more (various)

Palazzo: Tranzylvania (gothic, industrial)

Renee's: Club Night with DJ Johnny Lowrider (old school)


AZ 88: DJ Brazilia (house, super-soul, '90s)

Bar Smith: Solstice Saturday with Pete "SuperMix" Salaz, Senbad, Element, Cutswell, & more (house, hip-hop, R&B, funk)

Cash Inn: DJ Rebecca (dance)

Devil's Martini: DJ Kilo (Top 40, dance)

Hidden House: The Shop (hip-hop)

The Library: DJ Corey Eaton (Top 40)

Myst: Bacardi B-Live Tour with DJ Jazzy Jeff, Steve Porter, & Drop the Lime (various)

Rogue Bar: Shake! with William Fucking Reed, Death to the Throne. Prince $$$, & guests (indie, electro, dance)

Velocity 2303: The Realm with DJ Halo & DJ Dark Angel (industrial, goth, EBM, synthpop, electro)


Dos Gringos: DJ Tranzl8r (Top 40)

Geisha A Go-Go: Funk Shway with DJ Roach, Tricky T, & Mos Jef (funk, soul)

Karamba: Kaliente Sundays with DJ Miguel (Top 40, salsa, merengue, cumbia, pop en español, reggaeton)

SideBar: Sunday Services (deep house)

Yucca Tap Room: Valley Fever with DJ Dana, & guests (outlaw country)

Wyndham Hotel: Adult Swim (various)


Hidden House: Foreign Affair with DJ Delikacy, & Xtra-E (downtempo beats)

Homme: Neon with DJ Kela (indie, electro, New Wave, '80s)


Bikini Lounge: Djentrification (eclectic)

Hollywood Alley: Dub Steppa 3000 with DJ JahMek, & guests (drum 'n' bass)

Rogue West: Lost on Planet-X with Nick Feratu (punk, goth, garage, rockabilly)

Stray Cat: GALLERY BLU re:DEF with DJs Emgee, Cree One, & guests (hip-hop)


Bogey's: DJ Tom the Bomb (various)

Cream: The Shapeshifters UK, Curtis Matthews, & DJ Tranzit (house)

Doc's Place: Groove Candy with DJ M2, & Karlie Hustle (hip-hop, old school)

Pussycat Lounge: Switch Wednesdays with DJ Tranzit, & guests (house)


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