Seven Nights of DJs and Dancing

Thursday 15

Afterlife: Thumpin' Thursdays (various)

Bar Smith: Ladies Night with DJ Idenaty, DJ EC Rock, & DJ Oh-Jezus (various)



Capitol Sports Lounge: DJ Danny Peru (old school, Latin, Top 40)

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Crescent Ballroom: Boomstick! with Balam Acab, Jared Alan, BC/AD, President Gator, Fast Eddie, & more (various)

Dollhouse Cocktail Lounge: DJ Jon Amaral (house)

Hanny's: Mark 5 (hip-hop)

Karamba Nightclub: Tejano Thursdays with DJ Stixx (Tex-Mex, norteña, salsa, cumbia, old school, hip-hop)

Michael's Cafe: Plush Thursdays (soul, R&B)

Myst: Twist Thursdays with DJ Slippe, DJ Breez, & guests (hip-hop, Top 40)

PHX Nightclub: All Star Thursdays with Dangerous MC (hip-hop, R&B, old school)

Pussycat Lounge: Ladies Playground with DJ Earth (Top 40, remixes)

School of Rock: UK Thursdays with SKisM, Murk, dLo, & Ughog (dubstep, drum'n'bass)

Smashboxx: Spencer & Hill (house, dance, electro)

Spanish Fly: DJ MCB (Top 40, rock, remixes)

Yucca Tap Room: The Blunt Club with Pickster One, DJ Element, & guests (hip-hop, R&B, old school)

Friday 16

Afterlife: Fashionista Friday (Top 40, electro, remixes, house)

American Junkie: DJ Earth (Top 40, rock, dance, electro)

AZ 88: CJ Akshen (various)

Bar Smith: Sticky Fingers with Benni Beatnik, William Fucking Reed, Prince $$, Pickster One, Bigie, J. Paul, Hunnycut, Borismo, Hoodwink, & more (rock, indie, house, nu disco, electro, Brit, glam)

Blue Martini: DJ Mendez (hip-hop, dance, Top 40)

Copper Blues: DJ Sean Morley (Top 40, funk, rock, house)

Crave Cafe & Lounge: Phix Friday with DJ Sixfour (various)

Cream Stereo Lounge: Stereo HD Fridays (various)

Crescent Ballroom: Motown & Stax with DJ Seduce (soul, funk)

District Lounge: DJ Jared Alan (various)

Dollhouse Cocktail Lounge: DJ Satoshi Tomiie, Turner and Heit, & Juheun (house)

Hanny's: Josh One, & guests (various)

Karamba Nightclub: Vaquero Fridays with DJ Jesus Vega (Latin)

Martini Ranch: Shaker Room with DJ Chris Villa (various)

Michael's Cafe: First Class Friday with DJ Mr. B, & DJ Neal C. (R&B)

Myst: Dream Fridays with DJ Phlava, & DJ Dark Vader (hip-hop, R&B)

Oceans 7: Privileged Fridays with DJ Dario, & DJ Kyko (various)

Pussycat Lounge: DJ Circle, & DJ Earth (various)

Red Owl: Qwazaar & Batsauce, SpanPhly, Dray Brown, Savant, DJ Marvel, & J20 (hip-hop)

Sanctum: Tranzlvania (goth, industrial)

Stray Cat: WTFunk Friday with DJ Marvel, Pearlie Q, & more (hip-hop)

Suede: Rehab Fridays (hip-hop, R&B)

The Vig: Sean Watson (various)

Saturday 17

27th Avenue Bar: DJ Class (hip-hop)

Airia Nightclub: DJ Benjamin Cutswell, & guests (electro, Top 40)

Bar Smith: Soltice Sundays (house, hip-hop, soul)

Blue Martini: Josh Quintero (hip-hop, dance, Top 40)

Charlie's: DJ Tsunami (Top 40, dance)

Copper Blues: DJ Sean Morley (Top 40, funk, rock, house)

Crave Cafe and Lounge: Lush Saturdays with DJ Chris Villa (various)

Crescent Ballroom: Kismet with DJ Sean Watson, & guests (indie rock, electro, dance)

FilmBar: The Palace with Djentrification (world beat)

The Firehouse: Death to the Throne (various)

Hanny's: Josh One, & guests (various)

Martini Ranch: Shaker Room with DJ Randy (various)

Michael's Cafe: First Class Saturday with DJ Mr. B, & DJ Neal C. (R&B, neo-soul)

Myst: Seductive Saturdays with DJ M2 (hip-hop, Top 40, R&B)

PHX Nightclub: Juicy Saturdays with DJ Kaydee, DJ 4Play, & DJ Skilzz (hip-hop, R&B, old school, reggae)

Sanctum: We [Heart] '80s with Noiz.Fkr, & Bartoz Blank (classic alternative, darkwave, synth-pop, EBM, New Wave, '80s pop)

Sky Lounge: Ladies Night with DJ Kyko, DJ Daffy, & DJ Mario (Latin)

The Vig: William Reed (various)

Vintage Bar & Grill: DJ Mastamonk (Top 40, mash-ups)

Sunday 18

Chilly Bombers: Sin Sundays (various)

Crescent Ballroom: The Sunday Edition with Pickster One, & DJ Melo (hip-hop, moombahton, remixes)

Cream Stereo Lounge: Cream Sundays (various)

Dollhouse Cocktail Lounge: DJ Taylor Simon (house)

Dos Gringos: Sunday Funday Patio Party (various)

Jackrabbit Lounge: Island Sundays (reggae, dancehall, soca)

Martini Ranch: Retox with DJ Dave Wave (various)

Michael's Cafe: Soulful Sundays with DJ Junn Bugg (R&B, jazz, neo-soul, classic hip-hop)

Narcisse Champagne Lounge: DJ Peabody (various)

Oceans 7: Reggae Sundays with DJ Dark Vader, DJ Skoolboi, DJ Buck Rogers, DJ Jahmar, & DJ Shortman (reggae, dancehall)

PHX Nightclub: Supa Sundays (hip-hop, Top 40, R&B)

Rogue Bar: Towards Thee Infinite Beat with Restless Legs, & J. Aurelius (acid house, post punk, industrial, goth, synthpop)

SideBar: Retro Hi-Fi feat. Dr. Drea, dk.strickler, & World Famous Rani G. (various)

Monday 19

Carly's Bistro: Torch & Twang with Shane Kennedy (various)

Crave: Shake Mondays with DJ Jon Amaral (electro, Top 40, dance)

Cream Stereo Lounge: Crush Mondays (various)

Crescent Ballroom: My Favorite 15 Songs of All Time (various)

Dollhouse Cocktail Lounge: DJ Erik D-Lux (house)

Zuma Grill: Toxic Mondays with DJ Circle (various)

Tuesday 20

Bikini Lounge: 602'sdays with DJentrification (rock, indie, dance)

The Lost Leaf: The Hot Plate with DJ Smite (various)

MercBar: DJ Sean Watson, & William Fucking Reed (various)

The Roxy Lounge: Almost Famous Tuesdays with DJ Benjamin Cutswell, DJ Nameless, & more (various)

Smashboxx: Dead Day Blackout with Hardwell, Turner and Heit, DJ Tranzit, & more (house, trance)

Wednesday 21

Bar Smith: SubConscious with The Ariel, Deepfreq, Dehga, Issa, Sebastian, & guests (drum 'n' bass, neurofunk, liquid, jungle, raga)

Crave: Le Femme Wednesday with DJ Sixfour (various)

Goat Head Saloon: Konkrete Jungle (drum 'n' bass, jungle)

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