Seven Nights of DJs & Dancing


AZ88: DJ Mark 5 (rare groove, trip-hop)

Baja Tilly's: Electric Thursdays with DJ Flair (Top 40, pop, hip-hop)



Bananas Ranos: Hip-Hop Thursday with DJ Drey (hip-hop, Top 40)

Upcoming Events

Blue Martini: DJ Mendez (Top 40, '80s)

Bobby Q's: All-Star Thursdays (hip-hop)

Bomberos: Rani G., dk.strickler, Deon Pearson, & Alkeme (house)

Bunkhouse: DJ Doom (dance)

Chronic Tacos: DJ Epidemic (hip-hop)

Club Red: The Blunt Club with Resident Antihero, Bobzilla, Pickster One, DJ Element, Emerg McVay, & more (hip-hop)

Goat Head Saloon: DJ Sissko, & guests (electro house, UK garage, drum 'n' bass)

Hanny's: William Fucking Reed (lounge)

Jugheads: BANNED with DJ Johnny Volume, & DJ LaRue (punk, hardcore)

Macayo's: DJ Big Latin (hip-hop, Latin)

Margarita Rocks: DJ Mr. Eaton (Top 40)

Myst: Twist Thursdays with DJ Breez, & DJ Slippe (hip-hop, Top 40, electro)

Renee's: DJ Johnny Lowrider (Latin)

Rogue West: DJ Maniac Moss (garage, punk, New Wave, rock)

The Sail Inn: Reggae Night with DJ Jahmek (reggae)

Suede: DJ J. Alan (Top 40, house, electro)


Afterlife: DJ Tranzit, Michael James, & guests in the Fire Room (house, electro, progressive), & DJ Jon Amaral in the Earth Room (hip-hop, Top 40)

Axis/Radius: House 7340 with Matty Scoll, Tavis T, DJ Tranzit, DJ Soloman, & guests (house, breaks, trance, progressive)

Bar Smith: FUSE Fridays with Sol Martinez, Mara, Disko Da, Substation, & guests (house, hip-hop, funk)

Blue Martini: DJ Soulman (Top 40, '80s)

Bobby C's: DJ Willie B. (R&B)

Club Red: TC1, Craft, D-Low, Estefex, & more (drum 'n' bass)

District Lounge: Skyline with Deon Pearson, & Senbad (deep house, lounge)

Dos Gringos (Scottsdale): DJ Switch (Top 40, rock, mash-ups)

Hanny's: DJ Josh One, & Mark 5 (rare groove, urban funk)

Hell's Half Acre: DJ Pete (rock, Top 40)

Homme: Party Foul! Fridays with Kevin the Makeout Bandit, Bigie, Tricky T, BC/AD, Craig Citizen, & guests (retro, remixes, club-bangers, house, hip-hop)

Hurricane Bay: DJ Chris Villa (Top 40, hip-hop, dance)

Jilly's: Casual Fridays with DJ Essence (hip-hop, R&B)

Karamba: Vertigo Fridays with DJ Melo (Latin dance, reggaeton)

Margarita Rocks: DJ Pulse (Top 40)

Matador: Caliente Chica Fridays (reggaeton, hip-hop, old school, cumbia)

Myst: Dream Fridays with DJ Phlava, & Sugabear (hip-hop, R&B, reggae)

Nine|05: DJ Proper Villain (various)

Palazzo: Tranzylvania (gothic, industrial)

PHX Nightclub: Friday Night Live with DJ Robby Rob, & DJ Illmatic (hip-hop, neo-soul, R&B, old school, dancehall)

Renee's: Club Night with DJ Johnny Lowrider (old school)

Sanctum: Pagan's Playground with Kevin Brown & Chris Shannon (tribal house)

Silver: Privileged Fridays with DJ Kyko, & DJ Skandalis (hip-hop, Top 40)

Stone Rose Lounge: DJ Noah Wylie (downtempo, house, Top 40)

Stoudemire's Downtown: Flashy Friday with DJ Deuce, & DJ Live (hip-hop, R&B)

Z Girl Club: DJ Tsunami (Top 40)


27th Avenue Bar: DJ Moy, & DJ Jarred Paul (old school, hip-hop, cumbia, R&B)

Armadillo Grill: A Case of the Spins with DJ Scratchie & DJ Delikacy (hip-hop, funk)

Bar Smith: Solstice Saturday with Pete "Supermix" Salaz, Senbad, Element, Benjamin Cutswell, Mane One, & guests (house, hip-hop, R&B, funk)

Black Forest Mill: Cheap Thrills (electro, rock, disco punk, funk, indie)

Blue Martini: DJ Noah Wylie (house)

Bobby C's: DJ V. Money (old school, R&B)

Drinx: Play Saturdays (various)

Hanny's: DJ Josh One (urban funk)

Hidden House: The Shop (hip-hop)

Hurricane Bay: DJ Knick Knack (Top 40)

Karamba: Kaliente Saturdays with DJ Tranzo & DJ Melo (Latin, Top 40, salsa)

Margarita Rocks: DJ Pulse (Top 40)

Rogue Bar: Shake! with William Fucking Reed, Prince$$, Discotex, Funkfinger, & guests (indie, glam, electro, dance rock)

Rose and Crown: Royal Filth with PANTYF1SH, Chente, & Young Marlon Brando (various)

Sky Lounge: DJ Daffy (hip-hop, Latin)

Stone Rose Lounge: DJ Design (downtempo, house, Top 40)

Stoudemire's Downtown: Sexy Saturdays with DJ M2 (hip-hop, R&B, old school)

Suede: DJ Circle (Top 40, house)

Tavern on Mill: DJ Diesel (Top 40, rock)


Caribbean Fusion: Reggae Sundays with DJ Dark Vader, & guests (reggae, dancehall)

Club Incognito: DIVERS:CITY with DJ Tsunami (electronica)

Dos Gringos (Scottsdale): DJ Tranzl8r (Top 40, rock, mash-ups)

SideBar: Sunday Services (deep house, acid jazz, funk, dance)

W Scottsdale: DJ Soulman (Top 40, reggae)


Hidden House: Foreign Affair with DJ Delikacy, & Xtra-E (downtempo beats)

Homme: Bring Your Own Vinyl Night (various)

Zuma: Toxic Mondays (Top 40, hip-hop)


Charlie's: DJ Tsunami (high-energy dance)

Hollywood Alley: Dub Steppa 3000 with DJ JahMek, DJ Zac Maniac, DJ dLo, DJ Estefex, DJ Craft, & DJ Jon Dread (drum 'n' bass)

Stray Cat: GALLERY BLU re:DEF with DJs Emgee, Cree One, & guests (hip-hop)


Club Red: Wyked Wednesdays with DJ Noah Wylie, & guests (electro, hip-hop)

Cream: Giant Wednesdays with DJ Darude, & DJ Tranzit (house)

Hurricane Bay: DJ Soulman (Top 40, hip-hop, dance)

Pussycat Lounge: Pinky Ring with Tricky T, D-JR, Senbad, Bigie, Death to the Throne, Benjamin Cutswell, & guests (hip-hop, electro, party rock, house, soul)

Sanctum: DJ Scot McKenzie (ambient)

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