Seven Nights of EDM, DJs, and Dancing

Thursday 11

Afterlife: Touch Thursdays (Top 40, EDM)

AZ/88: Black Out Thursdays with Josh 1 (soulful house, lounge)


Seven Nights of EDM, DJs, and Dancing

Barney's Boathouse: Thirsty Thursdays with DJ Pulse (Top 40)

Cadillac Ranch: Thirsty Thursdays (Top 40, hip-hop, house)

Dos Gringos (Scottsdale): DJ Switch (rock, Top 40, remixes)

Firehouse Scottsdale: Weekly College Rager (Top 40, dance, rock)

Firehouse Tempe: Phys-Ed Thursdays (house, electronica, dance)

Jackrabbit Lounge: Ladies Night Thursdays (hip-hop, neo-soul)

Hanny's: Freestyle Thursdays with Mark 5 (rare groove, funk)

Hi-Fi Kitchen & Cocktails: Throwback Thursdays (Top 40, dance)

Monarch Theatre: UK Thursdays with Minnesota, Protohype, Dcarls, & DJ ill-legal? (drum 'n' bass, glitch, dubstep, trip-hop, electro)

Oceans 7: Turnt Up Thursdays with Bootleg Kev (hip-hop, R&B)

Red Revolver: Revolver Thursdays (neo-soul, hip-hop, reggae)

Roxy Lounge: Groove Candy Thursdays with DJ M2, & Fresh 85 (neo-soul, hip-hop, reggae)

School of Rock: Ready Set Thursday with Bootleg Kev (various)

Smashboxx: Glow Garden with DJ Nathan Reeser (Top 40, dance)

Tavern on Mill: Dropout Thursdays with DJayT3 and the BoomSquad (Top 40, hip-hop, rock, dance)

Time Out Lounge: Brainwave! Danse Party with DJ Ryan Rousseau (various)

Vintage Lounge & Grill: Vintage Vegas Thursdays with DJ NYC
(Top 40, hip-hop)

W Scottsdale Hotel: ReWind Thursdays (house, Top 40, dance)

Yucca Tap Room: The Blunt Club with DJ Melo, Erik "Riot Earp" King, Pickster One, & more (hip-hop, funk, party rock, rap)

Friday 12

Afterlife: Fashionista Fridays with DJ Munition (Top 40, house)

Axis/Radius: DJs From Mars (dance, electro, mash-ups)

AZ/88: Fluid Fridays with DJ Akshen (soul, jazz, old school)

Bar Smith: Foul Play with TrapZillas, Prince $$, Bigie Meanmugg,
DJ Akshen, Pickster One, J. Paul, Murk, & more (electro, dubstep, trap, hip-hop, glitch, prog)

Bobby Q's: Coco Bongo with DJ Deuce, & DJ Enigma (hip-hop,
Top 40, merengue, salsa

Cadillac Ranch: Cadillac Fridays (hip-hop, R&B, Top 40)

Club 24: The Killing Jar with DJ Loki (goth)

Dollhouse: Skyy Infusion Fridays with DJ J. Alan (house, dance)

Dos Gringos (Scottsdale): DJ Blue Collar Prophet (Top 40, electro)

Firehouse Scottsdale: Friday Super Banger with DJ Sonny, & ST3 (house, Top 40, rock, dance, electro)

Firehouse Tempe: DJ Convince (Top 40, dance, rock, electro)

Hanny's: Make It Funky Fridays with Josh 1 (rare groove, old school)

Hi-Fi Kitchen & Cocktails: High Voltage (Top 40, dance, electro)

Hurricane Bay: Fusion Fridays (Top 40, club bangers, electro)

Jackrabbit Lounge: High Society Fridays (hip-hop, R&B)

Lucky Break: DJ Dan 'da Man ('80s, '90s)

Michael's Cafe: First Class Fridays (Top 40, R&B)

Olive & Ivy: DJ Proper Villain (house)

Red Revolver: DJ Phlava, DJ Klassic, & Wolf Starr (hip-hop, R&B)

The Rogue Bar: Cupcake! with Hero Defekt, Self.Destrukt,
& Defense.Mekanizm (electro, '80s, industrial, dubstep)

Roxy Lounge: Roots Rock Reggae with DJ Dark Vader, DJ Illmatic,
& DJ Skoolboi (reggae, dancehall)

School of Rock: Pulse Fridays (house, electro)

Sochu House: Fiscus Tree First Fridays with Jake Goldsmith, & Edward Navarro (house, disco, acid, techno)

Spanish Fly: Flirt Friday Nights with DJ Scotty Boy (dance, Top 40)

Stray Cat: WTFunk? Friday with DJ Ynot, & DRJ (hip-hop, rap)

Urban Heat: Digital Theory Fridays with TrapZillas, DFT, Mozrt, Brando de Carlo, Hardknockz, The Gaffler, & more (bass, trap, breaks, dubstep, electro, drum 'n' bass)

The Vig Uptown: JonnY Rogers (funky beats, hip-hop)

Wild Knight: Grid Tour with Bassjackers, Dyro, Henrix, Michael James, & Spyder Down (electro, house, progressive, dubstep)

Saturday 13

Afterlife: ASU Uncensored College Night with DJ Casanova (various)

Axis/Radius: Danny Avila (house)

AZ/88: Mark 5 (rare groove, trip-hop)

Bar Smith: Solstice Saturdays Sixth Anniversary with Pete "SuperMix" Salaz, Senbad, Alkeme, Robbie Rob, Bigie Meanmugg, Mane One, & guests (house, electro, hip-hop)

Cadillac Ranch: Caddy Saturdays with DJ S.A. Eazy, & DJ Earth
(Top 40, dance)

Dollhouse: Dollhouse Saturdays with DJ Randy (dance, Top 40)

Dos Gringos (Scottsdale): DJ Switch (rock, Top 40, remixes)

DWNTWN: DJ Rubas (Top 40, rock en español), DJ Alfredo (salsa, bachata, merengue), & DJ Big Latin (cumbia, hip-hop)

EPIQ Nightclub: DJ STIQ (house, dance)


Selecta Saturdays with Josh One & guests (



Hidden House: The Shop (hip-hop, funk, soul)

Hi-Fi Kitchen & Cocktails: Amplified Chaos (Top 40, dance, electro)

Hotel Valley Ho: Session Saturdays (house, rock, Top 40, remixes)

Hurricane Bay: Surrender Saturdays (Top 40, rock, dance)

Jackrabbit: Surge Saturdays with DJ Dario, & DJ Kuntrol (hip-hop)

Oceans 7: Power 98.3's Scottsdale Saturdays (hip-hop, R&B)

Olive & Ivy: JonnY Rogers (indie, house, world beats)

Red Revolver: Superstar Saturdays (hip-hop, R&B, Top 40, reggae)

The Reef: DJ DBX (hip-hop, dance)

Rips: The Big O with DJ Adrian Flanagan, & DJ Infinite Jeff (Britpop)

Roxy Lounge: Elevated Saturdays (hip-hop, R&B, Top 40)

Smashboxx: House Party Radio Two-Year Anniversary with DJ Tranzit, DJ Circle, & DJ Decipha (house, trance, electro)

The Vig Uptown: Riot Earp (party jams, club bangers)

W Scottsdale Hotel: Springtime Groove (house, Top 40, electro)

Sunday 14

El Santo Cantina: Relentless Beach (house, techno, electro)

Hanny's: Sunday Supper with DJ Ascension (lounge, trip-hop)

Hi-Fi Kitchen & Cocktails: Static Sunday (Top 40, dance, electro)

Martini Ranch: Retox Sundays with DJ Serafin (house, hip-hop, pop)

Oceans 7: Reggae Sunday & DJ Buck Roger (reggae, soca)

Roxy Lounge: House Sundaze with DJ J Von Dutch (house, dance)

SideBar: Retro Hi-Fi (house, world beats)

SoChu House: C'est La Vie (house, disco)

Tempe Tavern:

The Binge Sundays s (

soul, funk, boogie


Trunk Space:

DJ DN3, & Les735 (



The Vig Uptown:

Proper Project (

downtempo, hip-hop, lounge


Yucca Tap Room:

Valley Fever (

outlaw country


Monday 15

910 Live:

S.I.N. Mondays with DJ Adrenaline (

rock, hip-hop, Top 40


Barney's Boathouse:

Motorboat Monday with DJ Earth (

Top 40


Cadillac Ranch:

Industry Mondays with DJ Flair (

Top 40, dance


Club Red:

Baauer, & Danny Brown (

trap, electronica, bass, hip-hop


Crescent Ballroom:

DJ Dana (

outlaw country



Monday Night Mass (



Firehouse Tempe:

Mind Eraser Mondays (

indie, remixes


SoChu House:

Melancholia Mondays (

shoegaze, electronic


Vintage Lounge:

EDM Mondaze with DJ Ascension (

house, dubstep


Zuma Grill:

Toxic Mondays with DJ Circle (



Tuesday 16

AZ/88: DJ Ascension (various)

Bobby Q's: Mega Ladies Night with DJ Kyko (hip-hop, Top 40)

Catalina Sports Bar: The Nois (drum 'n' bass, breaks, dubstep)

Hollywood Alley: The Speak Easy (jazz)

Karamba: Salsa Tuesdays with DJ Stixx (Latin)

Lost Leaf: Le Rewind (hip-hop, indie)

Martini Ranch: AZ Edition (hip-hop, Top 40, pop)

Red Revolver: Caramel Tuesdays with DJ AntFarm (R&B, hip-hop)

The Vig: Hip-Hop & Horns (hip-hop, downtempo)

Yucca Tap Room: The Yard with DJ Organic, & guests (reggae)

Wednesday 17

American Junkie:

DJ Decipha (

Top 40, electro, dance



Josh One (soulful house, lounge)

Bar Smith:

Rebel Disco's Push Push with Aaron Francisco, Edward Navarro, Luke Hansen, Scotty Oh!, & Jake Goldsmith (

house, disco, acid, techno

), & Laylow with Mark "Ellery" Leach, & guests (

future bass


Cadillac Ranch: Switch'd Up Wednesdays (Top 40, dance)

Hanny's: Rock Steady Wednesdays with JonnY Rogers (R&B, funk)

Hi-Fi Kitchen & Cocktails: Boombox with DJ Slippe (Top 40, dance)

Rips: Rumble! with DJ Organic (vinyl)

Roxy Lounge: Bass Wednesdays (drum 'n' bass, breaks, bass)

The Vig: Mid-Week Mix (various)


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