Sex Panther

Neither Ryan Fontana nor Aaron Cool are illegal in nine countries. Nor do they reek of pure gasoline or Bigfoot's wang. Truth be told, there are scant similarities between Sex Panther the Orange County-based DJ twosome and Sex Panther the fictional musk of Anchorman fame. Fontana and Cool don't settle for tracks that work a mere 60 percent of the time, as all their glammy electroscapes and remixes of marquee-level EDM artists are effective at stoking movement and causing party people to lose their shit. Expect such things when Sex Panther continues its ongoing year-long residency at Wild Knight, 4405 North Saddlebag Trail in Scottsdale. One night a month, Fontana and Cool will stage a theme party at the Old Town club, like the "Welcome to Miami" celebration (inspired by the upcoming Winter Music Conference) planned for Thursday, March 1. Doors open at 9 p.m. Call 480-213-9500.


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