Shooter Jennings

Shooter is the son of Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter, and knows expectations can scuttle a career before it starts. Sound too much like dad and you're a sellout; sound too different and you're being ornery. Shooter left Nashville for Los Angeles, hoping to avoid the inevitable comparisons, and put together The 357s, a band that balances hard rock and hard country with no apologies to anyone. Shooter's vocals can sound eerily like his father's at times, but the younger Jennings has a wider musical range. "Lonesome Blues" is largely acoustic, save for the crying pedal steel, and more vulnerable than anything Jennings Sr. ever cut. "Daddy's Farm" is a country murder ballad with a screaming vocal and plenty of greasy Southern rock guitar. Shooter borrows his dad's familiar, loping beat for "Solid Country Gold," and he tells us of his intention to make music that will never forsake his country roots.


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