When I grow up: DJ Smite, circa grade school

Slapstick Sundays

For an aural taste of something a little different, check out the innovative sonic flavors coming off the decks at Slapstick Sundays at Flip Flops in Tempe, hosted by DJ Smite. Smite is a hip-hop aficionado and turntablist, but he's also got the funk and soul rattling around in his crates, rare groove 45s of classic tracks from the '60s and '70s that might be forgotten if it weren't for that certain ilk of DJ who lives for such wax. He usually brings his friends with him as well, like Arizona music historian Johnny D, who has the most impressive collection of Arizona vinyl in the state, and Memphix Records' ChaseOne, another lover of the classics. Admission is always free, and Red Stripes are always just two bucks.


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