Slightly Stoopid @ Mesa Amphitheatre

Songs about weed belong to no specific genre, but the lines separating punk, hippie, dub, and surf rock — all toke-friendly genres — has never been blurrier. You can credit Sublime for making the cross-pollination mainstream, and also Slightly Stoopid, which was discovered by Sublime frontman Bradley Nowell in 1996. The band's association with the bong-hitting legend explains a lot about the band's sound and song topics. Titles like "Collie Man," "Rasta Dub," and the straightforward "I'm Stoned" should make the band's priorities clear. Over time, Slightly Stoopid has moved from faster, harder, stick-it-to-the-man rhythms to relaxing, bass-heavy, strung-out melodies about peace and being mellow. It's a natural progression, and the group recently collaborated with Bob Weir of The Grateful Dead, a chilled-out weed icon if ever there was one, and about as far away from those punk roots as you can get.


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