Smoothest Sounds in Town

Everyone busted out their deck shoes for Yacht Rock Sunday at the Ruby Room Lounge on December 2. (Click here for more photos.)
Lilia Menconi

When we heard about Yacht Rock Sundays, we just about had a heart attack from sheer joy. On Sunday, December 2, we boarded at the Ruby Room Lounge for an evening of smooth sounds — for our second time around — and will definitely make it for the third journey, which has set course to arrive on December 16. (Click here for more photos.)

There was an intimate crew of other light-rock enthusiasts sporting some super-shitty yachting attire, complete with captain's hats for the men. With the $2 Sea Breeze cocktails flowing like water, everyone was cruising for a Monday-morning hangover as we slowly sank to the bottom of our tumblers. By the end of the night, we were sloppy drunk, singing along to Michael McDonald, Steely Dan, Hall & Oates, and the like. If that wasn't indulgent enough, we couldn't help but bust out our best seated-stool-dance moves. The whole night was a collective embrace of bad taste in music. And it was serenely beautiful — like a night on the open sea.

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