Snow Patrol

Atmospheric pressure: Snow Patrol

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing Snow Patrol -- an alternative for those of you put off by Chris Martin's floppy Muppet histrionics and questionable baby-naming skills. This Scotland-via-Ireland quartet is led by Gary Lightbody, who is also known in indie circles for leading the low-key supergroup Reindeer Section, which comprises members of Belle & Sebastian, Arab Strap, Mogwai, and Teenage Fanclub. Snow Patrol sounds a bit like that combination after injecting some performance-enhancing drugs; when the amps buzz and the pedals switch on, it actually veers into Catherine Wheel territory, though Lightbody's voice recalls a more assertive Lou Barlow. The band is also really good at those sweeping, swooning, Coldplay-style, so-very-U.K. rock anthems, so pack your lighters

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