Social Distortion @ Marquee Theatre

I was going to get an "I Hate Social Distortion" tattoo, but I didn't, for a couple of reasons. First, just about every tattoo artist loves the band, and I didn't want hepatitis C. Second, I was afraid my T-shirt would cover up the "I Hate" part, and people would think I just had a Social Distortion tattoo. You are probably thinking, "Hey, I like Social Distortion! Fuck you!" I would respond by saying "I know you do! Everybody does!" Everybody likes them but me and maybe 10 other people. The weird thing about them is that their fans are people who generally like good music. Not Nickelback fans, but people who will name 20 other bands I like yet will include Social Distortion. Maybe I am the crazy one, and Social Distortion is actually a really good band, and everybody who loves them has been right all along. It seems inconceivable that a band could keep it going for 32 years with only one constant member if they were not at least decent, right? So I guess it's possible that I am the asshole here. Maybe I should go see them live when they come to town this week? Eh, probably not.


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