People got some postgame recovery at Modified Arts' Super Party at Modified Arts on Sunday, February 3. (Click here for more photos.)
Lilia Menconi

Somewhat social Super Bowl Sunday at Modified

Some of the hottest parties hit this place during Super Bowl weekend, so by the time Sunday rolled around, we had a mean case of social anxiety disorder. We figured all the other photographers in town would snap their fair share of glitz and glamour shots over the weekend, so we played it casual and went for something a little more indie. We stopped by Modified Arts for their Super Party, where a few downtown folks gathered to watch the game, grub on some barbecue, and see a couple of bands play. (Click here for more photos.)

We arrived just in time to snag the last burgers and jump around when the New York Giants scored their winning touchdown. It was an intimate clan of relaxed neighborhood kids in comfy jeans and T-shirts who didn't want to concern themselves with family Super Bowl parties or rowdy dive bars full of beer-guzzling duders. We never fit in with the jock crowd anyway, so it was the perfect way to spend game day.


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