Sondre Lechre

Sondre Lerche @ Musical Instrument Museum

If you jumped on the Sondre Lerche bandwagon after the 2004 release of Two Way Monologue, you no doubt dreaded the hype you thought he'd receive because of his collaboration with Regina Spektor on the Dan in Real Life soundtrack in 2007. But somehow Lerche avoided the level of obnoxious hipness that his collaborator couldn't. His smooth, sweet crooning and charming stage banter make women swoon and smile and men tread the thin line between admiration and jealousy. Think Michael Buble with less Sweet'N Low and more Sinatra. Following his self-titled 2011 release and his most recent live recordings, aptly titled Bootlegs, the Norwegian singer-songwriter went on a worldwide tour that most local fans assumed would skip over the Valley, as his tours previously have. But lo and behold, he's headed our way, to the ultra-swanky digs of the Musical Instrument Museum. Lerche's jazzy notions, pop hooks, zany synth interludes, and warm presence should fit in among the displays of musical history, as his songwriting draws on pop tradition, sounding classic instead of retro, vintage instead of nostalgic.


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