Sophia Gunn @ Crescent Ballroom

Sophia Gunn has been spinning in the Valley for years, which is exactly how she learned to blend old and new elements. She brings her "younger" humble beginnings to some of the Valley's hottest nights and mashes them with new technology to give her turntabling skills a fresh edge. She has learned to adapt with the times, using the mixed-media program Serato to mash up wax and iPod tech. "At the ripe age of 22, my very kind parents bought me a very used set of turntables and a mixer," Gunn says. "I ran to the local record shop and bought a ton of vinyl, locked myself in my bedroom and taught myself how to beat-match and mix." All that hard work paid off. Today, she's taking on residencies and making a name for herself. Her regular gig at SideBar on the first Thursday of every month eventually gave way to two more gigs. She'll take on a residency at Crescent Ballroom's Boomstick Thursdays and Bliss/ReBar's Sunday nights, both starting in October. SideBar's Thursday beats start at 9 p.m.


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