Max Cavalera is the Roger Waters of heavy metal. Both men spent the early part of their careers fronting hugely influential and innovative bands (Sepultura and Pink Floyd), then left to pursue solo careers that have been inconsistent and, at times, self-indulgent. Meanwhile, their original bands have dutifully continued on, sticking to the successful formulas of their past but never reaching the heights they did with their old singers. Since leaving Brazil and Sepultura in the '90s, moving to Phoenix, and forming Soulfly, Cavalera has become something of a fixture in the Valley metal scene. Cavalera's annual memorial show for his slain stepson, Dana "D-Low" Wells, is now entering its 13th year and usually features a slew of special guests from the Valley metal scene and beyond. While a reunion of the original Sepultura lineup might still be a long shot, Cavalera did reunite with brother and former Sepultura drummer Igor at the 2006 D-Low benefit, which led to the brothers' forming a new band, Cavalera Conspiracy, and releasing an album last year. So keep your fingers crossed, Sepultura fans. We're at least halfway there.

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