Soulive @ The Compound Grill

History shows that modern musicians can become successful when they work in threes. For instance, ZZ Top, Green Day, The Bee Gees, Destiny's Child, The Police, and The Beastie Boys have all found fame and fortune. However, not one of them sounds anything like Brooklyn instrumental soul funk trio Soulive. Not only can these guys jam effortlessly, but they also know how to stick it to the man. A few years ago, band members Eric, Alan, and Neal started their own label, Royal Family Records, because they wanted to create a label on which genres didn't have to be defined as long as the music was good. General-purpose pop artists could really learn a lesson from these guys. Their fans appreciate that just as much. The group's Facebook page is flooded with posts that read "I want to rage with Soulive in [your city here]." Soulive recently took on a project where they made an album called Rubber Soulive, a jazz tribute to the Beatles. Forget the Disco Biscuits or the Dave Matthews Band; these guys truly know what it means to jam.


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