Phunk Junkeez vocalist Soulman brings the bump to the Hidden House on Friday.


There’s a slew of reasons we dig Al Page. Not only does the laid-back DJ and promoter have one of the most fly Afros in all of P-Town, but he also busts much ass on both the record decks and behind the scenes at the Hidden House, 607 West Osborn Road, to bring us the best in hip-hop music. The cat’s also big on giving props to his pals, as when he gushed about the talents of Phunk Junkeez frontman Soulman, who’ll be hosting “The Era” on Friday, December 21, in Page’s absence. “Soulman’s so off-the-chain it’s unreal,” Page says. “He’s got such a huge knowledge of music and knows how get a crowd on the dance floor. He had turntables way back in the ’80s when no one else did.” Naturally, the musical menu for the evening includes hip-hop from the new and old schools, as well as some soul, funk, and other mad beats. DJ KGB will also get some time on the ones and twos during the gig, which starts at 9 p.m. with a $5 cover. Call 602‑266‑1763.


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