Sound Trip

Good evening, ladies and gents; this is your captain, DJ M2, speaking from the record deck. I'd like to welcome you aboard Club Vibe, 3031 East Indian School Road, for Sound Trip, where tonight (and every Friday at 9 p.m.), I'll be piloting y'all on a fantastic voyage through the modern history of urban music. Our flight plan changes up every hour, ya dig, taking us through the funk and soul classics of the '70s at 10 p.m., followed by dope-ass R&B and hip-hop tracks from the '80s at 11 p.m. and the '90s at midnight, with plenty of the freshest present-day cuts starting at 1 a.m. Your fly flight attendant will be Power 98.3's Karlie Hustle, who prolly won't dish out any peanuts, but will gladly serve as hostess and emcee. Our drink service includes $2 vodka wells until midnight, with $2 domestic pitchers and $4 appletinis all night. We know you have a choice of where you can get down on the weekends, so we wanna thank you for choosing Sound Trip for all of your ass-shaking needs. We out.


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