Sounds of the Underground Tour

"The voices of hardcore and metal will be heard," warns the Living Dead-themed official Web site of this tour. And while things won't go quite as long as dawn, the show will get under way at the ungodly hour of 11 a.m., when most of us are zombies even with caffeination. While each band on this impressive, oppressive roster will want to bury the others in a show of friendly competition, it will be hard to beat Poison the Well, whose steady cleaning house of singers, guitarists, bassists and drummers has kept it hungry for new blood since 1998. But then there's Chimaira, back with a new drummer who sounds positively octopodian, and a new self-titled album that brings new shades to darkness without resorting to any "nu" tactics -- quite fitting for a band that has been positioning itself as the "New Wave of American Heavy Metal" since inception. Other diversions to keep in mind while scheduling your next Port-a-Potty visit: At the tent, Jim Lamarca (Chimaira) and John Campbell lower their guard as they challenge fans at Halo 2 at approximately 2 p.m., while GWAR will douse you with washable body fluids at around 5 for a halftime show the NFL would be wise to emulate so that Janet Jackson shit doesn't happen again.


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