Stanley Jordan

After a decade-long major-release hiatus during which he dedicated himself to music education and independent recordings, Stanley Jordan re-emerges with a CD that challenges listeners who see music as black-and-white. He's taken musical creativity to the next level by looking outside the box at a handful of standards while introducing new compositions along the way, always testing new waters and breaking musical barriers. One example of his dexterity is heard on Horace Silver's poignant "Song for My Father," in which he plays piano and guitar simultaneously (no overdubs, as stated on the credits) by hammering the guitar string with his left hand. Jordan's admiration of the work of A.C. Jobim is heard in his heartfelt rendition of "How Insensitive, " in which he showcases his finger-bending technique while his Brazilian rhythm section (Dudu Lima on bass and Mamao on drums) provides solid and effective backing. The original "Ocean Breeze" is an opportunity to showcase the talents of sitarist Jay Kishar, a longtime Jordan collaborator. To further grasp Jordan's talents, listen to "Mozart's Piano Concerto # 21," which is performed as a solo piece on electric guitar.


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