The Canadian band Stars was the first musical act to publicly boycott Arizona in the wake of the passage of the controversial immigration-crackdown bill, SB 1070. The announcement was met with a collective yawn, because who the hell are Stars, right? But with the release of The Five Ghosts, expect the indie-pop group's profile to grow — placement in iPod ads, Michael Cera movies, Twilight soundtracks, and unrequited summer crushes everywhere seems inevitable for these Broken Social Scene moonlighters. Their crystalline indie pop, China doll boy-girl vocals, and dark lyrics/bright sound are tailor-made for the sensitive and disaffected (for this week, at least) youth demographic. Amy Millan and Torquil Campbell, with their airy and delicate voices, set the tone with "Dead Hearts," in which they sing, "They were kids that I once knew . . . Dead hearts are everywhere," and continue the too-beautiful-to-live theme with "Wasted Daylight" and "I Died So I Could Haunt You." It's not difficult to fall under the spell of Stars' weightless, ephemeral beauty. But, be warned, when you snap out of it, you may not remember a thing.


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