Steve Larson Band

Displaying more Southern hospitality than in his other gig with south-of-the-border escapists Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers, former Dead Hot Workshop and Ghetto Cowgirl guitarist Steve Larson has plenty of answers for those of you pondering "what's so good about being a good ol' boy?" Striking a vocal resemblance to Steve Earle at his most world-weary and Charlie Daniels sans fiddle at his most reactionary, Larson spends most of the Steve Larson Band's new CD Road Trip Songs raising hell, or at least keeping hell subdued with a steady shower of beer. Either provides the perfect excuse to snap together some gigantic '70s dual guitar rock displays, particularly on the requisite road songs "Time to Roll," "Wastin' All My Time" and the Lynryd Skynyrd-like travelogue of bad women, "New York to Washington."

Then, for all you who take the "new country is bad country" position, there's an angry diatribe against California's powerhouse KRED-FM, which not only has the singer seeing "RED," but also threatening to fix his radio with a shotgun and the Los Angeles programmer with a steel-toe boot to the crotch. It's quite a jolt, coming off the heels of two working man anthems, "King of Last Call," and "Joe's Goin' Fishin'," wherein a guy who hangs sheet rock all day till his arms fall off declares, "There ain't no such thing as a bad day of fishing." Sure, it's audience baiting, but Larson's so likable you'll give it up for hook, line and singer.


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