Steve Turner and His Bad Ideas

When it comes time to reinvent themselves, most guitar heroes just start putting out the same old trash in a flashy new can. Steve Turner, lead guitarist of Mudhoney, took a decidedly new tack by stepping forward as a singer-songwriter with a '60s-tinged folk-pop sound. There are still times when he feels the need to pound on the old electric until it screams, but most of his second solo outing is low-key and melodic. "Zero on the Scale" has a cryptic lyric, a great guitar hook, and plenty of energy; "Someday Baby," a duet with Miss Holly Golightly, echoes the odd acid-country vibe of Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra; "Dimebag Blues" is a folk-blues tune that uses humor to cloak its message of pain and confusion; and Turner's take on the Hoyt Axton/Kingston Trio chestnut "Greenback Dollar" is a spooky lament with his mournful vocals and Johnny Sangster's funereal organ fills.


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