Subtle Saturday

First Friday is usually a big blowout for us. After stomping the streets to stare at the scene's art, we're ready to hit the bottle, big time. This past weekend, we not only hit the bottle — we smashed it into a million effing pieces. So when it came time to do Club Candids on Saturday, September 8, we were still wrestling with a monster hangover. That's why we headed to one of our favorite chill bars in Tempe, the Time Out Lounge. (Click here for more photos.)

The vibe was just what the doctor ordered, with small groups of friends keeping to themselves. Much to our relief, jeans and casual tops were the prescribed garb. The jukebox was blasting some greats (although someone went a little too nutty with the Pixies — rad band, but everyone has their limit). Soundtrack issues aside, the evening was a lovely, low-key time with relaxed conversation and hair-of-the-dog cocktails.


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