Sunrise Elementary CD release show

Few bands take up as much space on as Sunrise Elementary. The Glendale "pop/synth/piano/rock" quintet lists more than 130 bands as "influences," from the audible (Reggie and the Full Effect, Hello Goodbye, The Postal Service, The Ataris) to the abstract (Dido, James Taylor, Vivaldi, REO Speedwagon). Sunrise Elementary's litany of inspirations also contains Mr. Kline and the Wizards of Time, local heirs apparent to the psychedelic poop-splattered throne of Frank Zappa, who (coincidentally?) will share the stage with Sunrise Elementary when the latter releases its first CD, an EP titled True Story. Its Like Love, desole, Matthew Reveles, and Rex will also be on the bill, but after seeing Mr. Kline and the Wizards of Time perform with poufy, matching black Afro wigs and a giant, inflatable chicken, screeching into a wall of feedback and "experimental" guitars, you might have to walk off that "balloon-head" feeling.


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