Take Action Tour

The statistics are sobering: Suicide is the third leading cause of death for people between the ages of 15 and 24; each year in the United States, more people die by their own hand than by homicide; and, most tragically, 90 percent of suicides result from undiagnosed yet very treatable depression. And yet, the stigma that still surrounds suicide causes society to whisper rather than roar about finding solutions to one of our most pressing health crises. Not so the annual Take Action Tour. Since 2001, the punk-leaning package tour has been cranking the amps to raise suicide awareness with the demographic it so severely affects, as well as to generate much-needed funds for the National Hopeline Network (1-800-SUICIDE). This year's edition features SoCal pop-punkers Sugarcult, rising emo outfits Hawthorne Heights and Anberlin, and indie-rockers Melee -- together for a good time and a crucial cause.


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