The Necronauts
The Necronauts
Melissa Fossum

Take Cover: The Necronauts Cover Nirvana

This month's Cover the Crescent is drug-themed thanks to 4-20. The Love Me Nots are covering The Doors (check out their version of "Soul Kitchen" here) and The Necronauts decided to take on Nirvana.

"I've known these guys [The Necronauts] for a while, and I think that's one of the first bands we talked about when we met 12 years ago," says guitarist Aaron Burke.

"Probably because we ripped them off when we were really young," adds drummer Dale Goodman.

We swung by The Necronauts' warm and dark practice space to hear their version of "Stain." It was pretty loud in there, so be advised that the video picked up more guitars than vocals.

The Necronauts are scheduled to perform at Crescent Ballroom on Friday, April 20.

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