Take Cover: The Rolling Blackouts Cover Kongos

The Rolling Blackouts
The Rolling Blackouts
Melissa Fossum

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Are you stoked for Kongos' album release party tonight? Well, you should be. The band's latest album, Lunatic is doing quite well in South Africa. Banana Gun, Iamwe, and Future Loves Past join Kongos tonight at Crescent Ballroom as the band looks to make an impact on the United States.

The Rolling Blackouts' take on "I'm Only Joking" is a Take Cover first. We've never had a local band cover another local band, and we'd certainly be up for doing it again.

Ari Leopold's crazy set up
Ari Leopold's crazy set up
Melissa Fossum

"It's a great song in and of itself, and they're a really cool band," says drummer Ari Leopold on Kongos. "We're lucky that they're a part of our local network, even though they're part of a much bigger network, too."

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The Rolling Blackouts put their own twist on "I'm Only Joking" with some interesting instrumentation. Danger Paul plays bass with a drumstick while Leopold simultaneously sings, drums, and plays guitar (with drumsticks).

The Rolling Blackouts are scheduled to perform Wednesday, July 25 at Tempe Tavern.

If you play in a local band and would like to have a cover featured on our blog, please e-mail us at music@newtimes.com. See our Take Cover archives for more Arizona bands taking on national songs.
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