Take Me Back Tuesdays

Now that summer's upon us, we have a dearth of entertainment options and the promise of sweaty afternoons spent waiting for the sun to drop below the horizon so that the concrete heat islands stop sizzling. Once the natural light has faded, though, there are still a few places you can hit up to throw your hands in the air -- an obvious choice is Take Me Back Tuesdays at the Stray Cat Bar & Grill in east Tempe (2433 East University Drive). DJs Phat-E, Reflection, and Area 4 bring back the old-school funk and hip-hop for you to sweat down to. "Whatever's got the groove, whatever's raw and dirty, we just try to keep it stuff that everybody knows," Phat-E says of the night's mission. "Just party rockin' shit, nothing too serious." On Tuesday, June 13, the residents are joined by locals Kers and D Smooth on the decks.


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