Tech N9ne

Tech N9ne's record label is called Strange Music, a name that fits like a glove. From his beats to his lyrical style to his appearance, the Kansas City-based hip-hopper is simply an unusual guy. Last time Tech came through Phoenix, local photographer Ben Garcia caught a shot of Tech that the rapper said was one of his favorites because it captured his emotion at the time — a cross between a monster and a superhero. It was definitely an apt self-analysis. Perhaps his superpower is his trademark lightning-quick delivery of his lyrics or his uncanny ability to get a show poppin'. Given his reputation for raucous shows, there is no reason to think Tech N9ne will do anything less than captivate at his early summer date in Tempe. The Valley may not be known for fanatical hip-hop fans, but Tech N9ne is one of the acts that captures the attention of a wide range of music fans, from rap to horrorcore to metal. Even Juggalos get down in the "Thug Pit" when Tech N9ne is in town. That's not to say his brand of strange music doesn't resonate with more traditional hip-hop heads, but Tech just makes a particular sound that touches a certain type of freak, making the crowd at his shows one of the most eclectic collections of music fans around.


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